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Crossfit Exercise

Teaching and empowering in order to create positive change.

WW Fit was created to teach fitness principals while empowering individuals to take charge of their health. My passion lies in coaching people towards living a healthier lifestyle while recognizing an individual’s unique strengths and challenges.

I aim to inspire, motivate, and push you to achieve your
fitness goals while recognizing your incredible worth!

Your WW Fit Coach

Heather Stutzman

Heather Red_edited.jpg

I hold NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Training and Weight Loss certifications. I am also DBC Level 1 Certified, a program focused on the science behind human movement and injury prevention. I’ve completed additional coursework in the areas of Metabolism, Female Fat Loss, and Behavior Modification. In addition to training clients, I teach courses on strength training and nutrition at a local community college. I love seeing individuals improve their health and focus on becoming the best version of themselves.


My fitness journey started years ago while studying Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science at the University of Nebraska. Over the years I steadily put on weight and adopted an unhealthy lifestyle. At one point I finally decided enough was enough. I started working out consistently and making small changes to my diet.  I lost the weight and remembered why I fell in love with fitness in the first place. Now, moving my body is a form of therapy and the one thing that can turn my mood around. I love pushing my own boundaries and setting new goals while helping others do the same!

Let's work together towards your health and fitness goals!

I offer a variety of plans based on your overall health and fitness goals. Virtual and in person training is available as well as a variety of fitness related resource guides.

Join me on the journey in choosing YOU and putting your health first!

WW FIT Values

Discipline Over Motivation

Choose yourself first. Even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it.
Consistency is half of the battle.


Simple Yet Effective


There is no need to do multiple, overcomplicated
moves in order to see real results.
Keep it simple.




Individual Bodies, Individual Goals


We all have individual strengths and challenges when
it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Find what works for YOU!

By understanding the biomechanics and science
behind fitness I create effective strength training
programs based on individual goals.

Questions, inquiries, or requests?

Find out how WW Fit can help you!

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